How to Clean Your Garage

In the fast pace era of today, where we all are running in a day to day race, we hardly get any time in our schedules to stay organized and clean our house which naturally brings us to the piles and heaps of junk, rubbish, unsorted accessories, laundry and what not.

messy garage

When we finally find time over the weekends, than we stumble upon the most difficult question of what to clean and how to do it? If you have finally come to the cleaning of the most for granted space of the house known as garage, then we actually have few tips for your convenience because we feel your pain, too.

Generally, most people who own a garage do not use it for their car or it’s accessories but they somehow start using it as a pantry cum store room where all the junk and extra material will be kept. Even the broken and out of order things will be found from there.  So, to start cleaning a garage, you will need either a complete week or 3 weekends at whole in which you could give it a thorough cleaning, organizing and polishing in three simple steps.

Step 1: De-Clutter

In the 1st step, you must spend one weekend in de-cluttering of your garage. Spend these days in organizing things for which you can take several labeled boxes naming as such: –

  • Junk: this should contain broken, torn, used and wasted things to be thrown away.
  • Recycle: this should have the things that can be reused or recycled.
  • Sell: this should get the things that are in good condition but are no more useful to you.
  • Donate: this should revitalize your compassion and should have the things which you can donate to the needy or to an orphanage.

Step 2: Thorough Cleaning

This is a very basic yet most important step. So, on the 2nd weekend, get to the thorough cleaning, now that you are done sorting the garage. Start by cleaning the cobwebs from the ceilings and corners followed by a deep sweep and brush to get the debris out. After this, a proper wash and mop is a must as the garage often has oil and paint marks on the floor. You must end this phase by dusting off the dust, with a clean cloth and a polishing stain liquid, from all the shelves, windows, doors and big accessories.

Step 3: Repaint & Polish

This is the final step, leading you to a clean and organized garage in your home. After the sorting and cleaning, you must invest in its final look by repainting the walls or reinstalling the new hinges of the windows. Check if the electric unit is still working in this area, and if not then have it fixed too. You can also redesign it to give you more storage space so you could stay organized and clean for longer period. For this, you can also install more shelves or place things in vertical hanging position on walls, giving you more floor space for other things.