5 Innovative Ideas for Garage Conversion

If you are lucky enough to own a place, then why waste an excellent space of a garage, go to waste. Since, people hardly use their garage for the cars these days, so to convert your garage is not only trendy but can be very handy too, if you know how to make the best of it.

garage conversion

If you have decided and are ready to convert your garage then you need to look into the following things before you actually go ahead with it. For instance:

  • How much it is going to cost you?
  • What design will you want (shape, color, exterior design, floor panels, light etc.)?
  • How much work is required?
  • What schedule to follow?
  • Who will do the labor? and lastly,
  • What do you want to convert your garage into?

When you have got the answers for these and all essential things are managed then you can follow any of the below garage living space ideas.

1. Extra Bedroom

These days, houses are made very compact and if you have a large family then finding enough space for everyone to sleep cozily or for them to have their own room are near impossibilities. In such case, if you have a big garage, then you must convert it into an extra bedroom for the eldest of your kids to let them enjoy their privacy while keeping them attached with you.

2. Study Room/Library

Owning a small library of your own speaks volume about your good tending and taste. If you have a virtuous collection of books then you can convert your garage in to a very cozy study room cum library with the wall to wall book racks and comfortable sitting and leaning options like hammocks, bean bags, rugs & cushion and rocking chairs.

3. Work Station

You can convert your garage in to a work station cum office so that you can work from home but still could be alone, comfortable and undisturbed. You can design it according to your work requirements for instance: if you are a musician than you can make it a jamming room with instruments and boards to make music or if you are an artist then with canvases and easels.

4. Children Play Room/Daycare

Another useful idea could be to convert your garage in to a children’s play zone where you can also allow your neighbor’s kids and run it as a day care. You can fill it with toys, games, baby care accessories and few learning tools and instruments. This will save your house from a mess and kids will like to play in an area of their own.

5. Family Fitness Room

The best conversion idea is to make a family fitness room in your garage. These days, everyone is conscious about their health, fitness and shape so, if you have a gym at home with all the fitness tools and equipment then who is stopping you from getting into shape.