The 2011 U.S. Chess League season begins Monday August 29, and the Blaze kick off this year's campaign with a match against the Seattle Sluggers. We finished last season with our first post season qualification. The entire schedule appears below.

This year the Blaze will play its matches at the North Shore Chess Center at 5500 West Touhy Avenue Suite A, Skokie, IL 60077.

Please come and cheer your team. If you can't make it to the site you can tune in to the matches live on the Internet Chess Club (membership required). You can also follow the Blaze on Twitter and Facebook.

We will also be running in parallel to the Blaze matches, a Blaze fundraiser tournament each night the Blaze play. The tournaments will be USCF rated and feature a G/15+ 5/sec delay time control. The EF will be $20 per player. No chess center membership will be required for these events but all players and attendees must be USCF members. Depending on turnout this can be a one section tournament or a two section tournament. 100% of proceeds goes towards the Chicago Blaze.

VS Week 1
August 31 | 8:00 PM
Seattle Sluggers
  VS Week 2
September 7 | 7:00 PM
Miami Sharks
VS Week 3
September 12 | 8:00 PM
Arizona Scorpions
VS Week 4
September 21 | 8:00 PM
Los Angeles Vibe
VS Week 5
September 28 | 7:00 PM
St. Louis Arch Bishops
VS Week 6
October 5 | 7:00 PM
Baltimore Kingfishers
VS Week 7
October 12 | 7:30 PM
San Francisco Mechanics
VS Week 8
October 19 | 7:15 PM
Dallas Destiny
VS Week 9
October 24 | 7:00 PM
Miami Sharks
VS Week 10
October 31 | 8:00 PM
Arizona Scorpions