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Bear Down Chicago Blaze

I’ll get right to it: the Blaze narrowly lost its first match of the season, 1.5-2.5 to Miami this past Monday night. While this was the first defeat of the season for the Blaze, now 8-1, a discomforting sense of deja vu hovered over the North Shore Chess Center. Then it struck me– Monday Night … heading into the match undefeated…losing to Miami — and suddenly I was transported back to 1985— the undefeated Chicago Bears battling the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night football. Then too, disappointment prevailed as the Monsters of the Midway came up on the short end. After that, the team had no choice but to Bear Down. Continue reading

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Chicago Blaze vs. Miami Sharks

Good evening, chess fans. Once again we’re live blogging tonight’s match. The Chicago Blaze are playing the Miami Sharks. Looks like a tough match. If you have access to the Internet Chess Club, go there and watch the games live. If not, we’ll try to post regular updates here. Refresh your browser every so often as we update the games in progress. Continue reading

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Game of the Week #4: GM Josh’s Blaze Debut

Another big part of last week’s Blaze victory over the Miami Sharks was GM Josh Friedel’s win over FM Eric Rodriguez in less than 30 moves. It was Josh’s first game with Chicago and the first game of the evening to end. NM Trevor Magness annotates Josh’s game.
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Blaze GOTW #3: Allen-Freitag

Todd Freitag walked into a highly suboptimal situation last week. When a last-minute gap in the Blaze lineup against the Miami Sharks had to be plugged, Todd, who is not on the Blaze regular roster, stepped up and agreed to step in. As an 11th-hour substitution, he was forced to play with a time penalty— against a higher rated player with the Black pieces. Not an idea setup for your first USCL game. Todd did a great job, though, holding his opponent to a draw in a tough game and getting on the board in Chicago’s 3.5-.5 victory against the Sharks. Here he analyzes the game. Continue reading

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Blaze GOTW #1: “Pawn Down Mess”

Miami’s FM Fabio La Rota gave GM Yury Shulman a tough time in their game this week, but in the end the former U.S. champion used his superb tactical ability to pull it out. Here he explains how he did it. This is the first Blaze “Game of the Week” for Week 2. More to come. Continue reading

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Blaze Go Deep to Repel the Feisty Sharks

The Miami Sharks put up a good fight against a deep Chicago lineup consisting of 3 GM’s and last minute pinch hitter Todd Freitag, but in the end, lost to the Blaze by a 3.5-.5 margin. While the match score may suggest otherwise, there was no shortage of excitement at Skokie’s North Shore Chess Center yesterday evening.
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Shulman, Friedel, Schmakel to Debut

The lineups for this week’s USCL match between the Blaze and the Miami Sharks have been announced, and three new players will make their first appearance for the Blaze this week; GM Yury Shulman, GM Josh Friedel, and NM Sam Schmackel. The only Blaze veteran in this week’s lineup will be GM Dmitry Gurevich, who finds himself in the unusual position of playing Board 3. Continue reading

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Blaze Game of the (Final) Week

You can’t know too much about the Sicilian, and to help you with that, our CAO—that’s chief annotation officer—NM Jeremy Kane returns one more time to analyze Wednesday night’s draw between GM Dmitry Gurevich of the Blaze and Miami’s GM Julio Becerra, this year’s USCL Most Valuable Player. Click through and enjoy.
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Florida Hurricane

The Chicago Blaze are swept from the playoffs by a surging storm from the Sunshine State.

The Chicago Blaze beat a sad and hasty exit from the 2010 USCL playoff Wednesday night, when they were defeated by the Miami Sharks in the first round by a score of 3-1. For the Blaze, the season is now over.

Wednesday night’s match was an uphill battle for the Chicago squad from the very beginning. Early in the night, FM Gauri Shankar dropped a miniature on Board 4 to Nicholas Rosenthal after playing an unfortunate 19.Be3.

On Boards 1 and 3, GM Dmitry Gurevich and IM Florin Felecan, both playing Black, manages to hold draws with higher rated opponents, but that left GM Mesgen Amanov that task of having to beat GM Renier Gonzalez on Board 2 to secure the match draw the Blaze needed to advance in the playoffs. Several knowledgeable observers said the position in that game was drawn, but Mesgen struggled mightily to turn it into a win for the team, and in the course of that attempt Gonzalez emerged with the victory. Continue reading

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Don’t Mess with Illinois

The make-or-break battle for the playoffs makes the Blaze and breaks Texas

For the first time in their history the Chicago Blaze have made it to the USCL playoffs. They did it by beating the Dallas Destiny last night by a score of 2.5-1.5 in the final match of the regular season. It was a make-or-break night for both teams; it made the Blaze and broke the Destiny.

The margin of victory came from wins by IM Florin Felecan and NM Trevor Magness and a draw my GM Dmitry Gurevich. As a result of the victory the Blaze finish the regular season in sole possession of second place in the Western Division of the USCL, a half a match point behind the division-leading Arizona Scorpions.

“I still can’t believe we won it!” said a stunned an elated Dmitry, whose draw with IM Bercys was critical to the match victory for the Blaze. “What a match! What a team!” Continue reading

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