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No-Win Winawer

GM Yury Shulman of the Blaze has a long history with GM Melikset Khachian, whom he played this past week in Chicago’s match against the L.A. Vibe. “The majority of [our games] ended in a draw,” says Yury. This one, too. But win, lose, or draw, every game contains lessons, doesn’t it? Which is why Yury has kindly annotated this one. Continue reading

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Benoni Sono Buoni

said Bill Brock sagely during the Blaze match against the Los Angeles Vibe Wednesday night. Had GM Mesgen Amanov’s opponent—IM Zhanibek Amanov, no relation—had a word with Bill earlier, perhaps he would have chosen a different defense against the Chicago-area grandmaster who is playing superb chess for the Blaze this year. As it happened Zhanibek found himself in the midst of a game that his opponent and namesake understood in a deep theoretical way. The result is one of the most interesting games we’ve seen this year. Below, Mesgen, the victor, analyzes the game. Get ready for chessical treat of the first rank. Continue reading

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Blaze Force LA to Bite the Bullet

National Master Gopal Menon made his USCL debut in spectacular fashion Wednesday night as he extracted a win, from what many in the crowd thought was a drawn position, to clinch the Blaze win and extend the team’s perfect record to 4-0. Menon, known for his one minute bullet chess prowess (he was #1 on the ICC one minute list earlier in the year), came out of a the opening in typical fashion, with an advantage and up the exchange against 10-year old whiz kid Albert Lu. Continue reading

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Dean, Menon to Make Blaze Debuts in L.A. Match Tonight

When the Blaze take on the Los Angeles Vibe tonight, two members of the lineup will be making their Blaze debuts: FM Jim Dean and NM Gopal Menon. Though they’re new to the Blaze, both are veterans of the Midwestern chess scene. Please welcome them and wish them well as they attempt to help the Chicago Blaze maintain their undefeated record, which now stands at 3-0. Continue reading

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