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Blaze Game(s) of the Week: Week 10 – Extended Edition

By NM Jeremy Kane

Heading into week 10 the Blaze needed only a draw to make the playoffs for the first time in team history. In reality though, the team needed more. While a tie would qualify for the playoffs, no one wanted to have finished the season winless in the final four weeks. Furthermore, the prospect of a round one matchup giving draw odds to the stacked St. Louis lineup didn’t fill anyone with excitement. This is why there was a large, tense crowd huddled into the North Shore Chess Center Wednesday night pulling for the Blaze to win and clinch the second seed in the West. In their way stood the Dallas Destiny with a young and strong lineup, hoping to spoil the Blaze season and take a playoff spot of their own.
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Blaze Game of the Week I

The Chicago Blaze played the Miami Sharks to a draw last Monday, bringing our record to 5-4 with a week left in the regular season and keeping alive our playoff hopes, which had suffered setbacks in the previous two matches, which we lost. More on the match with photos shortly.

In the meantime, Chicago Blaze CAO—that’s Chief Annotation Officer—NM Jeremy Kane, has conducted his usually thorough analysis of one of the Blaze games that helped us hold Miami: the victory by NM Eric Rosen over the Sharks’ Nick Rosenthal on Board 4. Enjoy and learn.

With some luck we may later be able to bring you an analysis of the other Blaze win, by GM Mesgen Amanov. Continue reading

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How the Arizona Scorpions Killed a Perfectly Good Monday Evening

Chicago Blaze Game of the Week-Extended Edition

[Note: The Chicago Blaze lost their second match in a row last night, this time falling to the Arizona Scorpions 2.5-1.5. Tean annotator NM Jeremy Kane has this report on the games.]

By NM Jeremy Kane

I apologize to the thousands of Blaze fans out there for my inability to come up with a Game of the Week last week. Not only was it the first week where the Blaze failed to win a game, it also brought the team’s season score in games I personally attended to 0.5/3, in comparison to their score of 4/4 the rest of the season. So, this week I kept safely away from the action, huddled up in my apartment on the other side of town, not even remembering about the match until the middle games were well underway. Continue reading

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Blaze Game of the Week

This week IM Arjun Visnuvardhan made his debut with the Chicago Blaze, and a triumphant one it was: a victory over IM Karl Dehmelt of the Philadelphia Inventors. In a match where all of the other games were drawn, Arjun supplied the margin of victory for the Blaze that has catapulted us into first place in the Western Division after Week 6 of the USCL season.

If Blaze fans didn’t know Arjun before, they do now. Welcome to the team, sir!

Here NM Jeremy Kane does his usual stellar job of annotating the Blaze Game of the Week. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Game of the Week II

It’s always good to have multiple Blaze victories to show you. This morning GM Dmitry Gurevich analyzed his win from last night. Here, our annotator-in-residence, National Master Jeremy Kane, explains NM Eric Rosen’s Sicilian slugfest against NM Nick Thompson. Continue reading

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Saving Face

Thank goodness NM Trevor Magness won his game against NM Konstantin Kavutskiy on Board 4 this week in our match against the L.A. Vibe. But for that, the Blaze would have been swept by the Californians. Here’s the game, with analysis by Trevor himself and our resident annotator, NM Jeremy Kane. Continue reading

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Blaze Game of the Week

Our game of the week. The only decisive game in this week’s match between the Chicago and San Francisco was this victory by GM Dmitry Gurevich of the Blaze. NM Jeremy Kane annotates. Continue reading

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Gurevich Wins Illinois Open

Congratulations to GM Dmitry Gurevich of the Chicago Blaze, who is the new state chess champion following his victory this past weekend at the Illinois Open. Dmitry prevailed over some tough competition, not the least being his own Blaze teammates, who played well at the tournament. In all, seven of the top ten spots in the final standings were captured by current or former Blaze players.

Speaking of capturing, superstar chess photographer Betsy Dynako was on hand to record the action beautifully. We are, as always, deeply grateful for her photos and permission to post them.
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The Other Blaze Game of the Week

Cindy Tsai's triumphant debut. (Plus: more video!)

With all the attention we’ve lavished on IM Florin Felecan’s win over GM Yury Shulman, it would be wrong to overlook the other Blaze victory in last week’s match against the St. Louis…

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Felecan Wins USCL Game of the Week

Congratulations to IM Florin Felecan of the Chicago Blaze, whose victory Wednesday night over GM Yury Shulman has been selected as the U.S. Chess League’s Game of the Week. The game, which was analyzed yesterday by Florin and NM Jeremy Kane, is also the league’s Upset of the Week, owing to Yury’s 300-point ratings advantage. Florin wins a $150 cash prize for GOTW, and Yury gets $50. Florin gets a t-shirt from Endgame Clothing for the upset prize.

The video in this post shows Florin and Yury discussing the game at the North Shore Chess Center moments after it ended. The footage is short and not very good, and I originally thought of trashing it, but now that the game is famous I have decided to stay my hand. Besides, it dawned on me that in the era of Web 2.0 and YouTube, of crowdsourcing and hive minds, mediocrity is actually a virtue, a mark of authenticity that the handiwork of professional elitist gatekeepers can’t boast. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
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