Sevan A. Muradian
Team Owner

A Chicagoan by birth (and never moved out of his childhood neighborhood) Sevan is very chess centric in his hometown. Playing since high school, chess has always been special to Sevan and his commitment of resources to the ancient game shows it. Over the course of time he transitioned from player to organizer and arbiter. Sevan is a USCF Senior Tournament Director, and is recognized by the World Chess Federation, FIDE, as an International Arbiter and International Organizer. Sevan has organized 26 FIDE title norm tournaments, 4 IL State Championships, 6 US National Championships, and 1 World Championship. In the past year Sevan has opened the North Shore Chess Center in Skokie, IL and utilized it as a mechanism for bridging the gap between the casual and competitive chess community. Sevan completed his education at Roosevelt University in Chicago with a BA in Telecommunications and an MS in Information Systems. He taught graduate and undergraduate students for over 10 years in the fields of telecommunications, information systems, and human-computer interaction, with 8 years at Northwestern University. Sevan is married to his wife of 12 years Yana, and they have 2 girls, Kassandra-Caroline and Jessica-Renee, 8 and 3 years old respectively.

Daniel Parmet
General Manager

Daniel moved to Chicago in 2006 to finish his university studies and he's loved the city ever since. He became more involved with chess after graduating from college with majors in Economics, Classics, and Philosophy in 2007. He is currently enrolled in DePaul's MBA program. Daniel managed to gain 800 rating points over the course of 1 year, winning the U1900 section in the 2008 Kings Island. A regular correspondence player, Daniel freely volunteers his time to the Chicago Blaze as their General Manager.

Jae Lim
Assistant General Manager

Jae has played chess since he was 9 and loves the game. His role as an assistant manager is small but he is grateful to be part of the Chicago chess scene in a way beyond just being a player. In the past, Jae had worked as a kindergarten teacher, a computer technician and during his seminary years as a youth worker. Jae divides his time nowadays running his own business in the mail storage and delivery industry and serving as a part-time minister to children at his local church. Jae is what you might call a classic geek and while he truly enjoys a good game of chess his interests range far and wide beyond chess. Jae lives with his wife and two pugs in Chicago.

Tom Panelas
Director of Communications

Tom can’t play chess to save his life, but he’s been hooked on the game since the day his son first asked to play him seven years ago. Along with another parent, Tom co-founded the chess club at Ray Elementary School in Hyde Park, and the club, which is still going strong, has been one of the school’s most popular and successful extracurricular activities. Tom is also a co-founder of the Chicago Blaze. His constantly evolving blog, The Knights of Castle Kimbark, continues to be primarily about chess. He’s eager to see chess in the area expand from its North Shore epicenter to the city and South Side. He’s worked for Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. for many years and today is the company’s public-relations director. Tom lives with his family in Hyde Park.

Brad Rosen
Communications Specialist

Brad is the father of Blaze team member Eric Rosen, a senior at Niles North High School in Skokie. Brad's interest in chess was reignited when Eric started playing competitively in 2001. Brad has tried his hand at playing tournament chess himself (so he knows how hard it is) and continues to do so from time to time. Brad also serves as a member of the Youth Committee of the Illinois Chess Association. He has written for the Skokie Patch and also writes about the current chess scene and culture.  Brad penned The 64 Square Jungle chessblog from 2004-2008, which sought to promote chess culture and recognize the accomplishments of many in the youth chess world that otherwise received sparse public notice. Brad currently serves as part of the Communications/Public Relations team with the Chicago Blaze promoting the team's activities. Brad received his law degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology Kent College of Law, and Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Illinois. He currently runs his own law practice after serving as corporate counsel over the years for various organizations.

Glenn Panner

Glenn is a longtime National Tournament Director, FIDE Arbiter, organizer, and an expert level player. He lives in Frankfort, Illinois with his wife Andrea and son Gabe. He is a principal at the Panner Sales Company. Outside of chess Glenn is interested in running, as well as food.

Trevor Magness
Games Editor

Trevor has been into chess ever since his dad taught him to play at the age of 5. He started playing competitive chess when he was 9. In 2009 and in 2011 he was the Illinois Denker representative, and he achieved the title of National Master in February 2010. Trevor is an enthusiastic fan of the Chicago Blaze and is looking forward to following them this year as Game Editor after playing on the team the past two seasons. Aside from chess, Trevor’s primary interests are music, mathematics, and history. He also enjoys a good Monty Python sketch. Trevor is currently a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is studying for a degree in piano.