Blaze Douse Dallas; Eric Scores a T-Shirt; Sharks Circling

FM Jim Dean, NM Eric Rosen, and GM Dmitry Gurevich celebrate victory numero ocho. Missing: GM Josh Friedel (photo: Jae Lim)

My friends, we are in haste. It’s a short week, we’re late in recapping last week’s match (all the usual excuses), this week’s match is nigh (Monday!), and thus we will dispense with the pointless kibitzing and the superfluous salutations and get right to the nitty gritty.

The first item of business: the Blaze scorched the Dallas Destiny by a score of 3.5.-.5 (ouch) last Wednesday night to continue one of the greatest winning streaks in U.S. Chess League history and clinch first place in the Western Division. With two weeks left in the regular season the Blaze are 8-0, undefeated and untied, and that’s pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves. Even if you disagree (and if you’re reading this you probably don’t) the fact remains, as I understand it, that no other team in league history has ever had a perfect record this late in the season. Deal with it.

In a match where none of our players lost – we had victories by GM Friedel, NM Rosen, FM Dean and a draw by GM Gurevich—it’s hard to single out one player as the hero, so we won’t. But it does bring us to the second item of business, which is that NM Eric Rosen, in defeating FM Keaton Kiewra, won the league’s Upset of the Week prize, for which he will get a nifty chess t-shirt from Endgame Clothing. Congratulations, Eric.

More on the Dallas match from the incomparable Bill Brock, who has annotations of the games spread across several posts. 

Finally, we have no time to rest on out proverbial laurels, as if we ever would, because we have a rematch with the fearsome Miami Sharks Monday night. Miami eliminated the Blaze from the playoffs last year and went on to the championship round. We got revenge earlier this season, so the Sharks will be looking to chomp our legs off as payback Monday night, and they’re throwing a tough lineup against us. Here it is, discuss:


Miami Sharks


Chicago Blaze

GM Julio Becerra: 2640


GM Josh Friedel: 2609

FM Eric Rodriguez: 2397


IM Angelo Young: 2415

FM Jorge Pelaez: 2264


NM Eric Rosen: 2333

Nicholas Rosenthal: 2062


NM Sam Schmakel: 2190

Avg Rating: 2341


Avg Rating: 2387

Miami Total ——-


——- Chicago Total


One more note about this past week. We are very grateful to Joe Delay for serving as our Celebrity Tournament Director in the match against Dallas. Go Blaze!

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